What A Time To Be Alive

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We did it: Season 2, Episode 1.

New gimmick, old stories.
What a trash to be alive.

Das tausendjährige Reich der Zigarettenstummel, wenn der Führer das wüsste. Dachten wir uns nicht. Und taten uns dennoch ans Aufräumen. Nicht aus Vaterlandsliebe, sondern aus Nächstenliebe. Denn der Klimawandel geht uns alle an, auch wenn das wohlige Surren des Straßenrosses nicht mehr hörbar sein wird, bin ich für den Stinkefinger in den Himmel. Nicht mit uns, sagen wir, und schnappen uns Mülltüte, Hund und Geschichten aus alten Zeiten. Wir krempeln die Ärmel hoch, auf die Zukunft!

Songs der Folge

  • Upbeat Fun von SunSmileMusic (Community-esquer Anfang)
  • L von The James Quintet (Jazz geht auch immer)
  • Dust Boots and Flasy Rhust von Michael Ellis (Gotta have some western)
  • Opening Theme von Michael Ellis (Opening theme for the closing of the show?! What is this, some kind of student film festival?!)


Also: Please, don’t tell the fox about our television-bits…

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In the age of reboots, sequels, and prequels, there is one movie that really deserves a remake:

Charlie Chaplin’s – The Great Dictator.


You might even say a reboot for modern times.
Your pun is bad and you should feel bad.

Anyways, how would a remake even look like?
What would be the topic and who would star in it?


Worldwide there has never been a shortage of authoritarian leaders. Pick any country and a stone’s throw away you’re sure to find some sort of dictator. Yet 2016, there is one candidate more prominent then any other. Donald Trump has turned from a silly joke into a bizarre pun on modern times. Setting the scene for a great remake of a movie about a funny talking guy with a weird hair configuration.

Here’s the pitch.

A muslim and or mexican mechanic lives the Amurican dream: migrating to a foreign land to follow dreams of independence and wealth. This man however looks awful similar to the current not so un-fascist leader of the country: Supreme President D. Nut Tramp.


The ever-present Islamophobia and the anti-foreigner policy have made it hard for the non-white population to live their daily life. Racial-Profiling, Police raids, and discrimination are getting more and more routine.


One faithful day, the two protagonists find themselves at the same airport and hectic and masses of people cause a mix up…

And there he stand’s: our worker. Ready to give the speach of his life.





Coming to theaters near you next summer.


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Vom leckeren Gebäck “Schaumrollen” zu einem Reboot von Charlie Chaplins “The Great Dictator” (“Der große Diktator”) – es steckt alles in dieser achten Ausgabe! Und mehr.

Aber zunächst. Das Wetter.



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… well, not me, because I’m not really working currently, but imagine if I would be working! I would be pissed.

I mean I AM pissed, but for other reasons…

You know what? Let’s just watch the clip and we’ll talk about this later, ok?

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… can I put my dick in it?

Zur Einordnung: Japanische Wissenschaftler haben eine Vorrichtung gebaut, die nicht nur Hologramme ermöglich, sondern mittels Ultraschall Berührung simuliert und die “geklonten” Gegenstände so interagierbar machen.

In einfacheren Worten: Hologrammie-touchy-touchy.

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