What A Time To Be Alive


Zehnte Folge! Wow, hätte nicht gedacht dass wir hier ankommen. So wie Ich uns kenne haben wir 10.000 neue Ideen bis dieser Satz zu Ende ist. Und mal ganz ehrlich, Langlebigkeit ist nicht wirklich unsere Stärke. Genauso wenig wie Werbung machen. Daher hört, sieht, liest, schmeckt auch keine den Podcast; aber das ist uns ziemlich egal. Wir waren hier! Der Zeitgeist unserer Generation destilliert in 30 Minuten Geplapper.


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In the age of reboots, sequels, and prequels, there is one movie that really deserves a remake:

Charlie Chaplin’s – The Great Dictator.


You might even say a reboot for modern times.
Your pun is bad and you should feel bad.

Anyways, how would a remake even look like?
What would be the topic and who would star in it?


Worldwide there has never been a shortage of authoritarian leaders. Pick any country and a stone’s throw away you’re sure to find some sort of dictator. Yet 2016, there is one candidate more prominent then any other. Donald Trump has turned from a silly joke into a bizarre pun on modern times. Setting the scene for a great remake of a movie about a funny talking guy with a weird hair configuration.

Here’s the pitch.

A muslim and or mexican mechanic lives the Amurican dream: migrating to a foreign land to follow dreams of independence and wealth. This man however looks awful similar to the current not so un-fascist leader of the country: Supreme President D. Nut Tramp.


The ever-present Islamophobia and the anti-foreigner policy have made it hard for the non-white population to live their daily life. Racial-Profiling, Police raids, and discrimination are getting more and more routine.


One faithful day, the two protagonists find themselves at the same airport and hectic and masses of people cause a mix up…

And there he stand’s: our worker. Ready to give the speach of his life.





Coming to theaters near you next summer.


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